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Two-color Offset Press Main Performance Introduction

A high degree of automation, all controlled by micro-computer, can a complete offset printing, letterpress printing (resin), number (NP), indentation.

New ink system:

Perfect ink systems, hosts three ink water, maximizing a supply printing ink and ink effects, guaranteed printing quality with high accuracy.

Opening and closing number wheel unit:

Number wheel units take the whole 120-degree opening and closing. Number wheel is easy to install, can open when not in use, is to facilitate the open structure.

Resin relief printing:

Inking in parts, especially with 2 rollers, to full field printing. Toppan printing and color printing, a wide range of applications.

The indentation function:

Both longitudinal and transverse cutting line, crosscut line adopts advanced drum drum structure, vibration when cutting small, accurate and stable.

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