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Offset Press Inking, Water Installations And Maintenance

Offset press inking, water installations and maintenance

(1) inking device maintenance

Inking device of maintenance varies between models, according to operating instructions periodically raise the butter you want. Week removing one set of rollers, for cleaning and maintenance. On aging or orange peel has rollers, should be replaced, and when removing the rollers to check the bearings on both sides. If you have loose or worn. Should be replaced in a timely manner, so as to avoid excessive wear and tear or fall off of the shaft or shaft sleeve. Note to remove the rollers hard roller cleaning, because hard roller ink and adsorption effect of ink, paper, skin, hair, clean, we must not use blade or sharp instrument to avoid damaging the hard surface of the rollers. Washable set of rollers a week, and to confirm the ink roller and creasing, four-colour machines. Complete ink system cleaning once a month, so that we can ensure that the inking system work properly.

(2) the water delivery equipment maintenance and repair

Water roller of alcohol dampening system (such as water rollers and metering rollers. Water roller, etc) are removable. Easy to remove, transmission gear in the lateral wall, exposed. When cleaning the rollers, vulnerable to ink spilled on the transmission in gear, so in the process of cleaning and maintenance, attention should be paid to gear cleaning, installing water add butter roll to the attention of the transmission gears.

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