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Mesh foot also known as density meter. Mainly used for measuring the mesh size of the screen. Feet of mesh are available in both glass plate and plastic sheets. Its measurement method is  measurement Shi respectively first makes screen in translucent of State Xia or put in see version stage will network accounts feet put in silk online respectively then will network accounts feet in silk online slowly mobile respectively makes network accounts feet Shang of vertical and screen of warp or latitude parallel respectively then due to screen longitude and network accounts feet Shang vertical produced overlap effect respectively in network accounts feet Shang formed ribs shaped pattern respectively pattern of horizontal diagonal by refers to of network accounts feet Shang corresponds to of scale digital respectively that is by measuring screen of accounts number (inches or cm).

Mesh is a common tool for measuring mesh number respectively is usually to maintain the accuracy of measuring instruments respectively measure the accuracy of the data respectively to keep mesh cleaner respectively prevent mesh feet there are scratches and bruising respectively to instrument wipe clean after use respectively for safekeeping.

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