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Marketing Mode Of Thinking In Internet Subversion Printing

Thinking of the Internet "is a swift power spread to the printing industry. When printing this traditional industry and Internet thinking when the collision occurred, many exploring patterns have emerged in the industry--is to focus on traditional Indian enterprises manufacturing strength, still rely heavily on the Web platform? Only sees the Internet as a channel to expand traditional business, original business model still emphasizes ... ...

Butterfly effect, the most common statement is: "a butterfly in Brazil Pat wings can cause a tornado in Texas after a month. "After the computer opens the door to human digital, after decades of development, commercial activity and social life in the world of digital, networked, wireless mobile trend is irreversible. Latest PC Internet and mobile Internet as IT changes in the printing industry has been showing a butterfly effect, the core thought is how Indian enterprises can use the Internet to do business.

Management tends to be fine

Digital printing process from digital prepress and digital printing, digital printing has been a gradual development of the decades. From electric extension high-end networking to typesetting machine, and directly sedan machine, and digital press, and CIP3 and CIP4 (link printing work each link of process), to currently of digital printing Hou, IT technology great to improved has printing of development course, also for printing introduced has alternative products and competition opponents: newspaper paper media gradually was phone reported alternative, paper business books gradually was eBook alternative, commercial manual and promotions single gradually was online resources and electronic marketing alternative.

China had 30 in the printing industry with the rapid GDP growth most recently entered the stage of growth at a moderate speed, and oversupply makes printing enterprises competitive Internet thought of timely, quality Indian enterprises can take this "Phoenix", entered the age of printing network.

So what is the thinking of the Internet? Internet thinking is focused on the client's thinking, starting from the user product and marketing, essence is the users first. Customers want cheaper price, faster delivery, better quality, this calls for Indian enterprises transition from extensive management to the refinement of management.

Meanwhile, Indian SMEs to achieve their brand positioning, every Indian enterprises for dozens of advertising design company customer base continued the printing business, now the age of the Internet customer base more widely, the need to focus on user experience and Word of mouth marketing to win more customers.

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