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How To Solve The Water Offset Press Ink Adhesion

Offset ink-water adhesion, water roller, water adhesion of ink and water rollers, ink-water adhesion in two ways. Former is a fabric Ink viscosity, which is the metal ink. Water will affect the normal ink adhesion after water, serious printing plate when dirty, paste, use or. Water ink adhesion failure in offset printing is the most common and difficult problems to overcome, the specific causes are as follows.

, Metal lipophilic

At present, the press rolls are generally chromium-plated rolls series water, hydrophilicity of chromium than the lipophilic. Biden, j2108. J2203、J2204. J2205 offset printing machine, bucket roll and roll series water rollers are chromium plating, basically from adhibiting ink, but not at all sticky. Bucket roll rotation is controlled by a tooth, go slow, thin water film on the surface, is easier to water loss. If the water roll by sticking the ink more bucket roll easier on Ink viscosity, resulting in water balance, impact on product quality. Therefore, be sure to scrub bucket roll and roll series water sticking on the surface of the ink, prevent ink buildup, the water bucket roll and roll series water good hydrophilicity.

Second, irregular operation in Sheung Shui

Method of operation in Sheung Shui water roller cloth adhesive ink has a big impact. Because the fabric is made from fiber, defatted, but there is still a oleophilic and hydrophilic dual characteristics. If you stick ink, it is easy to stick in water, so that during operation to avoid water roll Ink viscosity viscosity water.

On the new water front, many experienced operators will repeated wiping with a wet cloth. Their feet on the water on the one hand, on the other hand to wipe the surface off the fiber hair, so to prevent viscosity ink and hair will be beneficial.

Now the General method of operation is in the new water roller computer before, let the machine, then add water to water, water should be more. New water roller plates on the very sensitive on the foot of water hit, make the roller after falling due to lack of water leads to dirty, paste, Velvet has tainted ink, then water is difficult. If it feels that the new water after idling in Sheung Shui was uncertain, first falling water rolls, to manually set the rollers, observing the layout, layout of water is too small, you should immediately lift the roller, then add the water, this is fairly standard.

Third, poor plate gaskets

Some offset press ink stick in the water roller ends phenomenon has a serious, someone that is two ink on the rollers caused by the emulsion, but carefully observed is actually caused by poor plate gaskets.

If printing the pad of paper and a printing plate of the same size. When operations such as washing, wipe the glue, will make the pad of paper soaking wet. After soaking the paper deformation expansion, which increased the pressure between the plate and the water rolls, at the height of the water roller Lint is pinched, the service lost with the roll series water pressure, normal water, but will stick to the ink.

If the plates under the pad of paper plates are much shorter, lose pressure between the plates at both ends with water, access to water, ink will stick at both ends, and the ink will gradually accumulate to very thick. Finally those stacks of ink with water contact water roller serious sticky ink on both ends, and gradually expanded toward the Middle, effects of water. With Printing Ink viscosity also extended at both ends, produces a vicious circle, leading to both ends of the blanket and impression cylinders are filled with ink, bi-color machine produces process failures.

Therefore, should pay attention to the printed edition of the length of the pad of paper. General J2108 press plate length of 940mm, pad of paper length should be in 920-930mm. Both ends of breakage or water filled with dirt pad of paper should be replaced in a timely manner.

Nature of the four, fountain

Water fountain is not water, but by a certain percentage of water and phosphate. Chromate, plus a certain amount of hydrocolloid compounded. This original formula on the printed version of the salt layer is very favorable, so until now many Ty is still in use.

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