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Four-colour Offset Printing Press Notice Which Maintenance

Four color offset presses, generally refers to the use of yellow, magenta, cyan color ink and black ink to copy all the color printing process of offset press colour originals.

Some there are many advantages of a four-colour offset printing press has been widely recognized by experts, but because of the color group and assisted devices add a color effect, protection of equipment also put forward higher requirements. A case study of Bi Sheng's four-colour sheet-fed offset presses, oil eye rare hundreds more used to regulate the small motor has hundreds, and powder spraying equipment, infrared, boring equipment, automatic washing drum equipment, such as fountain mixing equipment, and its protection

Work is gibberish. How to do conservation work well, give full play to efficiency of equipment, it is not. Protection Act introduced a cycle, for reference.

First, under the premise of protecting normal day, based on device characteristics of layout of the 4 color printing, put on protection, protected content down to half a year each week. First each week to protect a printing unit, details include the following:

(1) the unit all rollers, see cot without calcification, and bearing can be a shortage of oil, the pressure roller can be adjusted;

(2) clean the roller teeth of the unit, to cheer apertognathia ball;

(3) clean the drum unit cleaning equipment;

(4) other inks for some accumulation in the unit scale.

Second, peripheral equipment, contain electrical cabinets, pump unit, fountain mixed cabinets, cabinets, such as the protection of the air compressor, each week to protect one of the points is to remove dust and clean strainer.

Thirdly, feeding some of the accumulated paper dust, delivery may be piled up dusting every week for protection. Is to vacuum the dust, to cheer the oil eye color, in addition to key areas (such as rotary valves, etc) view is essential.

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