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Printing machine-troubleshooting

In the press there was often a problem, often frequently damaged parts, electrical fault, some say the machine is too old. Machine is old an objective reason is, of course, but the new machine does not fail you? More faults than old printing plant. Objectively speaking, usage and fault rate of the machine consists of the following factors: the quality of manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the machine, reasonable action, the most important is quality. The quality of the machine is factory-objective, whether it is new or old, installation and debugging is the first hurdle.

Most new machines at the factory are good installation and commissioning, quality inspection, then split the packing and shipping. Not just and reasonable level installation problem, there is another check and correction. Old machines and even more so, as for the care, use, say no more, I just want to talk about the quality of maintenance:

Maintenance is not a simple disassembly and Assembly, not only to find the cause of the failure, also found with other problems as a result.

Printing presses have strict timing relationships, and assemble and adjust the values of tolerance, busy demolition and excessive regulation is the machine to accelerate wear and once again the main reason for failure.

Spare parts procurement and processing quality, not necessarily any spare parts and electrical components that you want to use the original accessories, high cost of genuine parts long purchase cycle, unless special or critical spare parts, other parts most parts and electrical components can substitute, as long as the understanding of parts processing technology and components characteristics.

Machine fault circuit in addition to natural damage, mainly disassembly not carefully derived from the hidden fault or circuit fault caused by machines and human factors is not found.

The fountain troubleshooting

Frequently asked questions to explore-choose the appropriate printer the fountain solution concentration is based on conductivity values, when electric conductivity too high ink will not dry, low waste or product of Mexico. So we must try to find an appropriate electric conductivity values, when identifying concentration value, multiplied by the percentage that is the total tank volume is added for the first time. When the conductivity value exceeds ± 50~100, need to be fixed before I can continue to use, but also need to pay attention to the temperature in the tank, because the temperature affects the measurement of conductance.

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