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Printing machine-classification

1, according to the printing plate is classified

Into letterpress, offset, gravure and printing press installed version and the embossed structure divided into flat, round flat and rotary presses

(1) printing

Printing: relief printing press. Done using the letterpress printing machine. Such as business cards (resin), type print, zincograph, number words, etc.

(2) offset press

Lithographic printing: planographic press. Done using the offset printing machines. Such as color, four color, color, monochrome machine, high speed printing presses and so on.

(3) printing

Printing: intaglio printing press. Done using the gravure printing machine. Glass bag printing like instant noodles, biscuits of the foil bag packaging.

(4) screen printing machine

Screen printing: screen-process printing press using print to finish printing machines. Porous printing: printing, cloth flowers such as screen printing, circuit board printing, Tin Ming printing, printing, local and so on.

2, classified by printing paper

Sheet-fed printing: sheet-fed printing press using sheet-fed presses.

(2) drum press

Web press printing: roll-fed printing press used web presses.

3, press the print category

(1) the platen press

Platen printing press: platen press support and pressure printing is flat printing machine

(2) round the flat printing machine

Rotary printing presses (platform printer): flat-bed cylinder press plates of the support is flat and press imprint is a cylinder-shaped.

(3) stop rotary printing press

Stop rotary printing presses: stop-cylinder press plates of the cooperation movement, forward, the imprint of one revolution, returns, the imprint stopped spinning, completing a printing press.

(4) a rotary printing press

A rotary press: single-revolution printing press printed version once a reciprocating motion, the imprint of round, complete with a printing press.

(5) two rotary printing press

Two rotary printing presses: two-revolution printing press printed version once a reciprocating motion, complete with a printing press

(6) the reciprocal transfer printing machine

Reciprocal transfer presses: reversible printing press imprint every time you rotate back and forth to complete a printing press.

(7) the rotary printing press

Rotary printing machines: rotary printing press printing support, transfer printing body is cylindrical, when the printing process is completed for rotating printing press.

4, according to printing ink types

(1) the monochrome printing presses

Monochrome printing: single-colour printing press is a printing process, the printing press printing one ink on one side of the paper.

(2) two-color press

Double-color printing: two-colour printing press is a printing process, the printing two color printing on one side of the paper.

(3) a multi-colour

Multi-colour: multi-colour printing press is a printing process, the printing more ink on the paper side printing press.

(4) double-sided monochrome printing presses

Perfecting press: perfecting press a printing process, the printing press to print on both sides of the paper.

(5) double-sided color printing machine

Double-sided multi-colour: multi-colour perfecting press a printing process, the paper printed on one side at least two or more color Perfector.

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