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1. ensure the machine is responsible for the supervision and safety of equipment and unit operations personnel.

2. before the work, workers must be working clothes, hats, shoes, dress, pin lapel and cuffs, Pocket without easy off debris, not wearing a watch and a variety of accessories.

3. before starting, to oiling machine, lubrication and fuel tanks required to add lubricant (grease).

4. unauthorised non-native persons may start, operate the machine without authorization, assistants and apprentices should work under the guidance of the machine.

5. before starting the machine, you should check whether there are sundries of all parts of the fuselage, you must first give the signal (by safety Bell), consistent, determined security around the machines to be powered on.

6. machine operation before, first points weeks and on schedule for several weeks, so that debris damaged the blanket between the rollers, plates, and so on.

7. the machine is in operation, do not touch moving face, no maintenance and cleaning the machine, no rotating parts, in order to maintain complete machine guards.

8. crew should keep the post Division of labor, always pay attention to the functioning of the various parts of the machine and found the problem immediately stop processing.

9. the site should keep a clean, smooth surface. Table, around the machine free of debris, repair tools, parts and accessories should be placed in a specified location.

10. work, no person shall be allowed in the machine around, laughing, playing, loud noise, please don't let children near the machine.

11. work at the end of washing machines, protecting the plate, clean blanket, impression cylinder and roll pillows, turn off power, fill out the logbook.

12. periodic maintenance and repair of machines and complete maintenance records data can extend the service life of the machine, improving production quality and safety.

13. non-staff members not to operate.

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