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Offset position is no substitute

With the popularity of the Internet, public information is constantly developing to paperless. Because digital promoted the development of printing in personalized directions, so many small-batch printing needs also appears to be a large growth. Digital press technology innovation changes in recent years at the same time, diversify their applications have emerged, demand is growing.

However, the digital press does not meet the needs of all small-batch printing, offset printing is still irreplaceable, the reason for this is that of offset printing quality and relatively low cost. Offset and digital printing cost, at a time when when you print more than 2000, or offset costs less. In addition, excellent quality is offset. For requirements such as product catalog for printing high quality printing, offset printing is no substitute for status. However, as the industry to develop in the direction of multi variety and small batch, and card catalog of live, in 1000--2000 will be more and more.

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