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Offset feed why mirror, car

Offset printing machine is imported from abroad in recent years with high speed and high quality printing presses. It has faster print speed, print layout, stable quality, strong efficiency advantages, but also prone to a number of faults, one mirror, car is a very annoying fault. Boring car is due to the paper, the former rules, regulations, feed systems and ex ante measurement system fails, few or more than 10 sheets of paper into the embossing drum and rubber roller, causing a sudden stop.

General offset feed in the mirror, there are several reasons:

1, paper board pressure piece height adjustment is not appropriate. Should be 3 sheets of printing paper thickness.

2, between paper and paper board, the feed roller and improper paper feed roller gap adjustment. General printing paper width is less than 5.5mm the paper through three, larger than 5.5mm paper for three but four. Photoelectric dual controller does not have a regulation in place also can cause double ticket to the drum.

3, press in the normal working hours, if you Board early, before the arrival of the paper later, Askew, lack of angle, edge, photoelectric detection immediately before the command is planning to stop the swing to prevent paper re-entering drum. While moving gripper teeth in its paper, machine speed reducer, roller, ink rollers lift, water roller and the roller stops swinging. At this time, the electric control line failure if it is easier to stack of paper rolled into the imprint and rubber roller, resulting in stuffy.

Operators leave 4, paper work, when paper when an exception is not processed in a timely manner, have a feed in the mirror, this is the most common cause.

5, due to uneven stacks of paper, stacks of paper around the mat below the stack by thenote, split notes and other objects do not have time, also possible with paper transfer to an ex ante, rolling into the drum, resulting in stuffy.

6, the paper did not adjust well and related parts, the paper anomalies, also prone to tightness.

7, if it is a paper printed, due to ink print, could easily lead to adhesions, and operators are feeding paper without loose paper handling, can cause adhesion of a stack of paper rolling machine roller, mirror, car.

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