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How to manage dual-color Perfector?

Printing machines for the printing industry is very important, should always pay attention to, then how to manage dual-color Perfector? Now we learn about it.

1. before the boot operation, operation you want to view the previous class, for parts requiring lubrication to come on and around the device you want to view, and then view the equipment operation is normal.

2. at the time of loading and unloading plates, pay attention to the imposition of the accuracy. When you install plywood screw, hard to fit, do not force wide plates.

3. to make the corners neatly, and height not greater than one metre.

4. drive to Bell, printed the first proof, proofing color is not accurate, inking is right. Only when the compliance monitor after the signing, it will print.

5. the paper is not stable, and go right, if there are dog-eared paper out.

6. ink requirement is above 50%, and for ink dark light keep the same, ink refilling to safety.

7. at the time of printing, paper has turned upside down.

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