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Digital presses

Benefits information

Digital printing with a minimal investment, very low printing costs, print size options, printing high quality, small footprint, operators and operating cost is extremely low, selective printed material thickness, has a great advantage. Coupled with professional digital printing ink, can achieve saturated bright colors, wide color gamut, transitional, and far more than traditional print effect. Digital quick printing machines compared with expensive abroad, with less investment and quick, deep advanced digital printing is that you engage in in kind direct printing, the choice of digital quick printing industry.

Digital presses can print, long, padded platforms enable the printing of items length up to 100cm, the thickness of 20cm. Market space than stones, shells, plates, bamboo craft, mobile phones, glasses, lighters, keys, stationery, notebooks, CD player, MP3, crystals badge, card, card, card. Photos, plaques and flowers, couples suite, disc ... ... Printed covers personal items, gifts, Office supplies, stationery, signage, decoration materials, fabric flowers, dozens of tens of thousands of items such as clothing and shoes.

Error information

1, high cost

Cost usually consists of three elements: depreciation, material and labor. But digital system of height automation, will in must degree Shang reduced artificial costs of expenditure; equipment of depreciation, by purchase equipment Shi of investment by decided; material cost, to ink powder type media for cases, now of digital machine more is drum powder separation of, and most equipment drum of life are in hundreds of thousands of Zhang above, powder of price should with application of expanded and gradually reduced; relative traditional offset, digital printing without sedan, so will saves sedan costs. It is worth mentioning that, with the increase in users, technology maturity, digital printing of the overall price level has declined. It also makes the digital printing of sin under control, prompting more customers to receive digital printing.

2, the product cannot be long-term retention

First of all, you can make your own experiments and look at digital printing printing saves time differences. Will use traditional ink, e-ink, toner and printing prints in the Sun after a few days you will find digital press prints than a traditional ink printing durability.

Secondly, many people think that digital printing printing as traditional laser printers printed on printing and copier is not saved for a long time. This is not so, dry toner, for example, with the increasing digital printers print high resolution, now more than traditional digital printing uses toner copiers and laser printers use finer particles at high temperature melting process, toner gaps can dissolved like ink on paper.

3, digital printing is a simple process of digital

Due to the digital printing process is direct printing from your computer or print to paper (Computer-to-Paper), so the requirements of the digital press should have make-up, correction, binding and automation of the entire process. So the system is critical to the software.

4, digital printing print quality

Despite the mechanical structure, the use of supplies and causing the quality of digital printing is not just yet and traditional print exactly the same, but in General, with the improvement of imaging system, imaging precision and output improvement of resolution enhancement of tolerance, media, at present, the launching of digital printing has been able to meet demand for high-end printing, and also to develop in the direction of higher quality. Especially the color digital printing system more and more, can be four or even six-color, spot-color printing was able to meet.

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